August 4, 2002 :: This funny guy was taking in the sun facing a square and the waterfront in Arvika, Sweden.
August 4, 2002 :: And I thought I'd snap a picture of a Saab place in Sweden, just because it made sense.
May 11, 2002 :: This group is from a trip to Notodden, which is in Telemark. (Telemark is world famous for a certain type of skiing.) This picture is driving through Oslo. The sign tells where the exits in the roundthing will take you, and the buildings in the background include the Radisson SAS and the Postterminalen.
Sheep on the other side of Drammen.
An unidentified thing in Notodden.
Near Bygdøy on the way home.
And now I'm going to cheat a bit, because I'm not sure when these two from Oslo were taken. Anyhoo, this is the stock market (Børsen) in Oslo.
And this one's outside of a couple of movie theaters (kino) in downtown. S. tells me this is Leif Juster.

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